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Interfaith Services

What To Expect

Being involved in the creation of your own wedding ceremony provides you with a unique opportunity to
  express your love in words that truly represent who you are as a couple. The process involves two consultations; an initial telephone conference or skype meeting and a second meeting to review the details of your personalized ceremony. 

You can expect that we will:

Explore the style you want to project and the atmosphere you wish to create; casual or formal, religious, spiritual, non-religious, intimate, theatrical or celebratory.

Review an outline of the elements of an interfaith ceremony and explore how to respectfully combine different wedding customs and traditions in a way that supports you and your family members.

Seek how to involve your family members in the ceremony that respectfully honors their religious views, and discuss any challenges you may have with choosing your own unique ceremony.

Explore the rituals and wedding customs that are important to you and select specific items you want to include in your ceremony; for example, blessings, prayers, candles, incense, chuppah, Tibetan bell, breaking of glass, jumping the broom, etc.

Decide who you want to include in your ceremony and discuss the different ways that they can participate; reading of poetry, offering a blessing, singing a song, participating in a ritual.

Outline your rehearsal needs -- the “when”, “where”, and “how” of the processional and recessional, and what is needed to make the processional flow smoothly.

Note:  Following the initial consultation the following documents will be sent to you electronically; the ceremony questionnaire and a contract for you to review.


To contact call 845-234-8994 or e-mail revjesse2002@yahoo.com