About Reverend Jesse Caudill

I am Reverend Jesse Caudill, an Interfaith Minister, professionally trained and licensed in New York to perform weddings throughout the United States. I have 14 years of experience creating personalized wedding ceremonies, and bring a heartfelt and sincere dedication to serving your unique needs. I am a life-long student of world religions, and honor and respect all traditions. I work as a hospice chaplain, caring for people from different religious backgrounds, and feel deeply privileged and honored to be doing this work for 16 years.

I have extensive education, understanding, and knowledge about many religious and spiritual traditions, and I am especially suited for meeting the needs of couples who want their ceremony to be reflective of their own beliefs, whether secular, spiritual, religious, or non-religious. My primary goal is to create a ceremony that is a beautiful and joyful celebration of your love and commitment, and genuinely reflects who you are, in the particular way that the two of you wish to express it.

My personal interests include meditation, poetry, guitar playing, nature, and animals. I have two cats, Bodhi and Maybelline, and a therapy Cavapoo dog named Harmony. I live in Nyack, N.Y. in a lovely apartment overlooking the Hudson River.

Rev. Jesse Caudill - Interfaith Minister Reviews

  • Pam M
    Jessie made our wedding day more special then I could have ever dreamed it to be,his wisdom and sensitivity to our feelings and wishes as well as his wonderful sense of humor was more then I could have asked for. I highly recommend Jessie for your special day!
    Pam M
  • Mary A
    I used Rev Jesse for my second wedding and from the moment I spoke to him on the phone, I felt that he was the perfect officiant for our wedding. Once I met him, I knew immediately that his experience in theology and religions, plus patience, kindness and understanding manner made him the right choice. He worked with us to incorporate a foreign language and multiple edits. And I was not disappointed at all. He developed a ceremony that incorporated all the elements we wanted. Perfect. I would highly endorse him for all types of ceremonies.
    Mary A
  • Michael H
    Reverend Caudill was exactly what we wanted in our minister from our very first contact. Throughout the preparation period he answered every question quickly and completely. His purpose seemed to be to make preparations easy, and to plan a ceremony that would be exactly what we wanted. We wanted our grandchildren to be our wedding party. This "wild card" didn't phase Rev. Caudill. He agreed that we would take our chances with the 2-7 year old children, never knowing what they might do. His approach to this and every decision we made was positive. His suggestions were always within what we wanted the ceremony to be. In many ways, he made our preparations less stressful. The ceremony itself was beautiful. He incorporated the things he had learned about us and our relationship. Everything went flawlessly, with even the weather cooperating with our outdoor ceremony. After the ceremony, several of our wedding guests commented enthusiastically on the way Rev. Caudill conducted the service. We wholeheartedly agree witih their evaluation. Rev. Caudill did a superb job for us.
    Michael H
  • Steve A
    After interviewing 4 officiants, we met Rev. Jesse. We were immediately impressed with his caring demeanor, knowledge of religions and no pressure style, (which unfortunately was somewhat lacking with the other candidates). He listened to us, took our input and was able to customize a ceremony specifically for us incorporating concepts from several religions and theologies. Rev. Jesse even went out of his way to learn several phrases in Italian to greet our family members that had travelled from Sicily. He was above expectations and I have no problem recommending him.
    Steve A
  • Kate C
    Our experience with Reverend Jesse was deeply personal and the resulting ceremony was moving and special. There is not a single word we would change and we replay the wonderful moments we stood before Reverend Jesse over and over again in our minds. The ceremony he created for us was perfectly crafted. Yes - it was absolutely perfect. Minutes into our first meeting with Reverend Jesse we knew that he was the only person we could have uniting us in marriage. His sincerity, spirituality, and understanding are unparalleled.
    Kate C
  • Jane S
    We are two Buddhist priests and the priest who was going to perform our wedding became sick and couldn't make it. Jesse generously stepped in and performed a Buddhist service with great love and knowledge of our traditions. We couldn't be happier!
    Jane S
  • Nicole H
    My husband and I are more spiritual than religious, so we were looking for an officiant who could help create a ceremony that focused on us while including the various religions and cultures of those who attended our wedding. Reverend Jesse worked with us to create a great ceremony that balanced both. Several people have commented how much they enjoyed it - even while he was challenged by a very windy (and hence loud!) day dealt to us by mother nature. Our thanks go out to him for making the most important part of our wedding day a very successful one.
    Nicole H
  • James C
    From the moment we met Reverend Jesse, we knew that he should be the officiant for our wedding. He had a very kind and caring demeanor. Our guests all commented on how Rev. Jesse created a ceremony that captured us as a couple. We would not have changed one word of our wedding ceremony. We highly recommend the services of Reverend Jesse. We could not be happier with our decision to have him officiate for our special day.
    James C
  •  I L
    Along all the decisions that had to be made for our wedding, we knew that the pick of our officiant was one of the most important ones. After all this is the one person who shares (and leads) the most intimate, exciting and happy moment with you (be certain that everybody else around you will fade out). Jesse was the first officiant we met and although he suggested to shop around before we make our choice, we immediately felt that we don’t have to look any further. He had a very calm and kind presence and showed a lot of interest in us and our story. Also his knowledge helped us a lot to get over our nervousness and plan our perfect ceremony with providing us information about ceremony sequences, vows, poems and traditions. Whenever we had a question (and we had a lot) he would reply to us via phone or e-mail within a couple of hours which we highly appreciated. Right before and on our big day, Rev. Jesse coordinated the whole ceremony with the DJ, the pianist and the on-site wedding staff. Also he gave his best to calm me (the groom) a little down and I think through his kind and relaxed way it actually worked. He held a very nice and personalized speech that was based on a questionnaire me and my bride filled out separately in advance. Be aware that it might take you some time to finish it but it is certainly worth it. You will have a ceremony that is very individually tailored around you and your wishes. No matter what religion you believe in (if any) or country you are from, Jesse will make sure that your marriage exceeds all your expectations.
    I L
  • Jana & Marilyn
    Not a surprise for us or Jesse of course but, it was a surprise for most of our 100 guests. We have been a couple for 22 years and were in the midst of planning my 50th Birthday, preparing the guest list, and realized that just about everyone we were inviting to my birthday would be the people we would want at our wedding so we decided to "Tie The Knot" too! Needless to say we pulled everything together last minute including the officiate, DJ, venue, photographer, singer to take place ON New Year's Day. We were extremely fortunate to have been referred to Jesse by a colleague of his that spoke very highly of him. Marilyn and I met Jesse, in person, so we could get a feel for whether or not Jesse was the right person to officiate our wedding and, of course, discuss our needs and expectations for our ceremony and officiant. You would think, after being together for 22 years, interviewing an officiant and planning a non-religious but spiritual loving and inclusive ceremony would be a breeze for the two of us...not so much. Jesse however listened to BOTH of us and facilitated the creation of a memorable, moving and loving ceremony. To help us with the process, Jesse emailed us a 5 page questionaire and requested that we fill it out seperately, no peeking at eachothers answers, this way he could get to know us as individuals and, when the time comes, be able to speak about us in a very genuine, intimate and familiar way. We were both pretty clueless about planning a wedding, do's and don'ts, vows, etc. Jesse provided us traditional and non-traditional suggestions and ideas of things we might want to incorporate into the wedding ceremony plus, BIG PLUS, he emailed us a plethora of sample readings and vows to help us get our creative juices flowing. FYI: To do this right, both Bride and Bride in this case, must be participants and involved in the process. We did not want a, "repeat after me" cookie-cutter ceremony. It was truly a team effort and the final result was everything we had hoped the event would be. "WE" (Jesse, Marilyn and I) did it! Thank you Jesse! We could not have done it without you.
    Jana & Marilyn
  • Anna B
    Reverend Jesse married me and my now husband last weekend and he did a great job. Before the ceremony, we corresponded over email for about a month and then we spoke on the phone a few times. He was very interested in learning all about us and our relationship and asked a lot of questions about what kind of ceremony we wanted. He was very thorough and always very responsive. He also brought up things we hadn't thought of ourselves. He crafted the perfect ceremony for us, short and very simple as we wanted, but also personalized. At our ceremony there wasn't a dry in the room ;). He was very nice and very professional every step of the way and we'd definitely recommend his services.
    Anna B
  • Elizabeth B
    We knew we wanted to hire Reverend Jesse from the first time we met him. He was everything we were looking for in a minister, kind, understanding, compassionate. And he had a great sense of humor too! He crafted an extremely heartfelt and touching ceremony for my husband and I that reflected both of our religious traditions, Catholicism and Islam. Both sides of the family weren't quite sure what to expect--but they both loved what Reverend Jesse did. At the reception so many of our guests raved about what a wonderful ceremony it was. It was really a wonderful moment, one we will treasure for our whole lives. I highly recommend Rev. Jesse!
    Elizabeth B
  • Omar K
    I was quite nervous about my wedding day, to say the least (though not as nervous as the bride). We wanted to respect both of our heritages and religions -- I am a Muslim, and my wife has been raised Catholic -- and we had no idea how to go about it. My wife found Rev. Jesse and contacted him. From the very beginning, he was courteous, respectful, and very accommodating. He met with us not once, but twice before the wedding to go over plans and ideas. He was very patient and gave us good (and never overbearing) advice. He knew that my wife and I enjoyed poetry, so he offered to include Rumi in the readings. He also chose a great anecdote -- which he read with perfect comedic timing --, and gave time for my brother, and my wife's sister to come up and recite some short, beautiful verses from the Bible and Qur'an, citing the similarities and the beauty in each. Rev. Jesse put all my fears and nervousness to rest. He showcased the philosophies in both our spiritual upbringings and managed to display our love with simple, elegant, and earnest words. Our families were very impressed with him, which is no small feat! A true, intelligent, warm human being. I highly recommend Rev. Jesse Caudill.
    Omar K
  • Jacqui R
    Where do we being to explain just how wonderful Rev. Jesse is?! From the day we met we knew he was the person we wanted to preside over our wedding. Rev. Jess really listened to what we wanted in our ceremony and incorporated all of the little details that made it extra special for us. We just received our wedding video last night and watched the entire ceremony and we’re overjoyed with the every piece of the ceremony. It was truly perfect!
    Jacqui R
  •  I S
    My wife and I found Rev. Caudill here on The Knot and were very pleased with his services. We collaborated on an original ceremony that integrated new wedding traditions, non-denominational spiritual readings and rituals and traditional blessings. The final version of the ceremony was beautifully tied together with Jesse's thoughtful words. He wove in humor and emotional honesty, bringing the audience into the present moment in a meaningful and integrative way. Great officiant, excellent value, wonderful writer. Thanks Jesse!
    I S
  • Cheryl B
    From the moment my husband and I sat down with Rev. Jesse, we knew he was the one we wanted to officiate our wedding. He was so sweet and personable and we got along great. He gave us a packet to fill out with questions that would help him better understand us as a couple and what we wanted out of our ceremony. We stayed in contact through email until we met again right before the wedding. He went over the ceremony order without going into too much detail about what he was going to say. So when our wedding day came, the ceremony was just as a surprise to us as it was to our guests and it was amazing. Everyone was raving about how beautiful the ceremony was. We are so happy with Rev. Jesse and highly recommend him!!
    Cheryl B
  • Jaclyn L
    OUTSTANDING!! Rev. Jesse Caudill made our ceremony 100% about us, how we wanted it! Every single one of our guest told us how beautiful our ceremony was and that it was the best one they have ever been to! Jesse is kind and passionate about what he does. He cared very much about our needs and wants. I highly recommend him for your wedding! We are Catholic and Jewish and he incorporated both religions beautifully!!
    Jaclyn L
  • Angela L
    My husband and I cannot recommend Reverend Jesse enough. He is so incredibly warm, disarming, and knowledgeable. After meeting once and speaking numerous times leading up to the wedding, he crafted a ceremony unique to our preferences and relationship. It is clear that he loves what he does. And my guests loved him too! I had many people coming up to me after the ceremony singing his praises. He was readily available and patient throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend!
    Angela L
  • Juliana K
    Selecting Rev. Jesse Caudill was one of the easiest decisions we had to make of the wedding process. He was great about getting back to us with any questions that we had. He gave us a simple but detailed questionnaire that allowed him to give us a personal experience that we will remember forever. We loved the ceremony and would recommend his services to anyone! Thanks Rev Jesse!
    Juliana K
  • Rachel A. H
    Rev. Jesse Caudill helped make our wedding day a beautiful experience from beginning to end. When we first began to work with him, he listened to our ideas for the kind of ceremony we wanted to have. Afterword, he sent us samples of wedding vows, ring blessings, and other appropriate rituals and gestures that we might incorporate into our ceremony. At the wedding, Jesse made our guests feel welcomed into the heart of our special day. I highly recommend Jesse as a mindful, friendly, warmhearted, and experienced officiant.
    Rachel A. H
  • Alexis W
    Rev. Jesse made our wedding ceremony a dream come true. He captured our love in a beautiful ceremony, people complimented us on how personal and meaningful it was. We really liked how Rev. Jesse spent so much time and attention getting to know us, it made it that much more special. Thank for making our ceremony everything and more!
    Alexis W
  • Alison B
    Rev. Jesse officiated our wedding in the Catskills in August. Choosing an officiant was tricky for us because, like many couples, we had to balance different backgrounds and beliefs. Rev. Jesse was supportive and thoughtful and worked with me to help put together a ceremony that was very personal and special. We appreciated his flexibility and his genuine nature, which made our ceremony have the intimate feeling we desired.
    Alison B
  • Niam OGorman
    We are so grateful to Rev. Jesse for playing such an integral role in our big day! He really took the time to get to know us as a couple so that he could make our wedding ceremony feel special. We cannot thank him enough!
    Niam OGorman

What to Expect

We will start with an initial in-person consultation, preferably, so you can consider whether my services are a good fit for you. What matters most to me is that you find an officiant who meets your unique needs. Some couples meet with several officiants before making a decision, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so.

If we decide to work together, we will move to the next phase — creating your ceremony. I will ask you to fill out the wedding ceremony questionnaire to help me get to know you as individuals and as a couple. This will also be an opportunity for you to share the vision you have for your ceremony, and the specific elements you wish to include. We will also discuss how to involve your family members or friends in the ceremony. For example, you may want to invite your mothers to share the very beautiful Unity Candle Ritual. There are many possibilities and ways your loved ones can participate in your ceremony if you wish.

As needed, I will share all the details of the ceremony with your vendors (musicians, wedding planner, photographers) and coordinate or attend your rehearsal. I am meticulous about the details because my primary goal is to make sure that everyone works together so all goes smoothly.

It would be my honor and privilege to be a part of your special wedding day. Congratulations!